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Canton Runs is our new place for Training, Group Runs, and the 2023 Race Series!.

Welcome to our 2023 RACE SERIES

Our Race Series is pretty easy to figure out.

+ Run 8 events out of the 21 that we produce. Any race we time / produce counts. Keep checking the Schedule throughout the year as we add races.

+ Everyone who completes 8 races gets a Series Hoodie for participating. IF YOU FEEL THAT WE MISSED A RACE FOR YOU PLEASE CONTACT JIM AT JCHANEY @ RUNTOYOURACING.COM

+ Points are earned at every race. Your finishing position are your race points. Make sure you pass as many people as you can at the end!

+ We add those points together over your 8 races.

+ The 3 lowest points totals in each Age Group will win Series prizes.
+ There is NO COST to participate in the Series.





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